Holistic & Aroma Treats


Warm Aroma Oil Foot Massage

Pure Bliss!! Relieves tension throughout the body, stimulates energy flow, leaves you feeling uplifted with beautifully hydrated tootsies!!
30 mins      £30

Aromatic Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage

Warm Fragrant Essential Oils infuse into the skin via Ayurvedic comforting massage, encouraging complete muscular relaxation which filters into the cranial spectrum, so the mind floats into a vacuum of tranquillity and inner calm
45 mins       £45

Meditative Therapy

When the senses are calmed and the body relaxed, the mind is at its
most receptive for Meditative Therapy to adjust the mindset, encoding
happy thoughts, clarity, confidence, assertiveness, peace……
30 mins      £30

Reiki Chakra Balance

Is a calming, healing, non- intrusive therapy which channels energy through the chakras of the body. It is gentle yet powerful, renewing energy flow and creating harmony of body, mind, spirit.
CHERYL is a REIKI MASTER and a regular practitioner of this ancient form of Holistic Therapy.
45 mins      £45

ALL EMBRACING – Choice of any 3 Balance/Harmony/ Renewal – 75 mins – £75